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Timmy Ho

Recent News: (pardon the translation)

Timmy has a new song!!! It's called "Christie" and was one of JSG's 5 tieu jeen goa for a week. (05/07/98) Timmy fears 2 things: #1--people saying that his family is rich and #2--people saying that he is a 'yee sai jo'. But the truth is that his family really is very well off. Timmy is driven to and fro in an expensive van, lives in a three story house with a large garden, swimming pool, and a large garage. "Even though I live in a nice house right now, the house is still my father's. I merely 'renting' a room!" True, but his room is over 300 sq.ft. and his bed is bigger than your's or mine! Timmy's house has just recently undergone million-dollar-renovations. Even though the house is over 10 thousand sq.ft., Timmy doesn't want to brag about it. It's just "very spacey". How big is this room that Timmy "rents"? 300 sq.ft. with an ocean-facing deck and a 100 sq.ft. walk-in closet. Other than the 5 sq.ft. bed with the CD rack at the head of it, there is also Timmy's love--a computer. This $40,000 computer can turn all of the TVB series, of which he is part of, into VCD's!